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“Veterans Treatment Court” pilot programs started earlier this year in Douglas and Lancaster County District Courts.  This “Court” is a new arm of the Nebraska Problem Solving Court systems that currently includes Drug Court, Young Adult Court and Mental Health Court, Re-entry Court and Juvenile/Family Drug Treatment Court.

The thrust of the Veterans Court is to help address the unique needs of military veterans that face various felony criminal charges.  Often the root of the criminal charges stems from post-traumatic stress disorder or physical injuries in combination with drug or alcohol abuse and dependency.  Although it may vary for each individual participant, the program will typically run up to two years in length.  The program accepts participants from any branch of the military and allows both honorably and dishonorably discharged persons to apply.  When a participant finishes the program, he or she will either have the criminal charges reduced to a misdemeanor or dismissed outright.

Veterans who face charges in counties other than Douglas and Lancaster may still be eligible for Veterans Court due to the statewide Jurisdiction of the District Court Judges.  The cases may be transferable to one of those two jurisdictions for handling.

Thus, if you know someone that may be interested in having a case considered for referral to the Veteran’s Treatment Court, please fill out the Douglas County Veterans Treatment Court Application.

Thanks to Senators Matt Williams of Gothenburg and Bob Krist of Omaha for their hard work in making this new court a possibility.

News link from WOWT News Omaha: Second Chance for Troubled Veterans.